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Reporter names 2 schools favored to join Pac-12

The Pac-12 is looking to replace UCLA and USC, and a veteran reporter has named two teams as potential favorites.

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Beginning in 2024, UCLA and USC will move to the Big Ten, leaving a void to fill for the Pac-12. They can either stay at 10 teams, add an 11th or do whatever they can to get back to 12.

All of that remains very much uncertain at the moment. However, veteran Pac-12 reporter Jon Wilner believes the conference will do all it can to replace UCLA and USC, with San Diego State and SMU named as favorites.

The drop off from UCLA and USC to San Diego State and SMU is significant, but it would boost the Pac-12’s ability to negotiate media rights. It would still be a difficult sell, but would provide additional bargaining chips as opposed to being limited with 10 or 11 teams.

There are some who even believe the Pac-12 should add four total schools. In addition to San Diego State and SMU, Boise State and UNLV have also been pegged as potential targets.

The good news for the Pac-12 is that no more exists are expected. Now the focus turns to landing a new media rights deal, and clarity on that could come over the next month. The University of California Board of Regents will make a final determination on UCLA’s planned move on November 17, with the Pac-12 expected to present a media deal shortly thereafter.

The post Reporter names 2 schools favored to join Pac-12 appeared first on Larry Brown Sports.

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